erotische Massagen Kaiserslautern

Exclusive Erotic Full Body Body Massage

Dear gentlemen, dear ladies
My name is Dana.

I am 40 years old.
I will take you on a journey you won’t forget………
I am going to guide you on a journey back to your true ecstatic nature.
I use the transformative energies of my loving touch and massage to open your true Devine self.
The touch of an angel that will make you melt away!
I will leave you feeling completely relaxed and satisfied.
I am your stress reliever! Optionally I offer prostrate stimulation for men……
Hygiene is a must!
No blocked calls.
Absolute discretion guaranteed!
I offer:

-Erotic massages
-Oil massages
-Body-to-body massages
-Prostrate massage
-Full body sensual massages for ladies

I do NOT offer:
Intercourse or oral sex.

No negotiations.

….touching ones soul via the body….as the voyage to one’s true self starts with the body. It is the temple of the senses
About me:
I am 40 years young, good looking and erotic.
I only offer massages.
No intercourse nor oral sex;
not even with consensual sympathy.
Anal healing massages, anal massage, prostrate massages, massaging your behind
Massaging your behind
Both men and women tend to have an attraction to the rear end of the opposite sex.
Enough reason to spend a little more time on that area.
Your bottom has some delicate points; energy points that are connected to your genitalia and that can give you a real kick.
The prostate gland is a soft ball, about the size of a chestnut.
Through soft massage or fondling of the prostate gland one can experience a very cozy and wonderful body- or erotic feeling.
This feeling can make the ureter and the prostrate muscle as well as the pelvic base contract.
This is a very similar reaction to the male orgasm.
This form of stimulation can even provoke a climax.
The prostate gland is a rather interesting area, comparable to the female’s G-Spot. Most men that have experienced this once like to repeat this massage.
Attention: I only offer this massage in combination with a booked whole body massage.
….for the elderly and the handicapped guests
Every person needs affection, lust and closeness in order to lead a fulfilling life.
Often however there are hindrances due to age or a handicap……
With me erotic wellness does not depend upon age or physical integrity of a human!
I look forward to all of my guests as my guest is a human first and for all.
I offer my services to all males and females, no matter what age of physical integrity.
Woman to woman massage, experience female lust anew
Hello dear unknown
I would like to invite you to a brand new experience……..
Massage, affection, sensuality; a different type of erotic feeling……..
Persuade yourself to find out what pleasurable feelings I can create on your skin with my hands.
Stress, lack of erotic energy……nothing strange to you? Or just longing for sensuality?
Many women have tensions and blockages in their abdomen without even knowing it.

For women it tends to be normal that one expects something from them, especially when a male touches her “Yoni” (vagina).
The word “Yoni” stems from the Indian Sanskrit and encompasses the entire female genital area.
You can find me down town Kaiserslautern, discreetly located in my small, clean wellness area.
Please have your caller ID switched on when you call me or I will not be able to offer you an appointment.
Operating hours
Appointments per phone only.
Please call with caller ID switched on or I cannot take your call serious.
Mon-Sat 12:00-21:00
Sundays & German holidays 12:00-21:00
Last daily appointment starts at 20:00

Appointments @ 0176-85570820

I will give you the address personally during our phone conversation.
I am looking forward to your call.
See you soon